High Quality Waterproof Aprons

Waterproof Aprons for the Ultimate in Protection

These waterproof aprons are great for washing up and cleaning after a long shift and come in Black, White and Navy. They have a Poly/Cotton neck tie for added comfort and come in 2 different sizes - The short apron (CWPVS) sits just above the knee whilst the longer apron ( CWPVL) sits just above the ankle. 

If you’re washing or cleaning, or dealing with liquids, chemicals or paint, then our waterproof aprons will keep you clean and dry.


Long PVC Bib Apron- Black
Long PVC Bib Apron- Navy
Long PVC Bib Apron- White
Short PVC Bib Apron- Black
Short PVC Bib Apron- Navy
Short PVC Bib Apron- White