Work Aprons with Pockets: 3 Tips for Functionality

We wear work aprons with pockets because these are highly functional. Aside from protecting us from dirt and spills, the aprons help us better manage our tools and other items. This is especially the case with artisans such as landscape artists, chefs, painters and florists.

That’s why it’s important to properly choose an apron. It’s what you’ll wear every day so it’s best to take the extra time in choosing the best one. Here are a few quick tips to help you with that:

1. Where are the pockets?

The most common location is on the front of the apron. The space is maximised there and you can put a lot of things in there. That’s why many aprons just have a huge front pocket.

But what if you want to organise the things? Perhaps you don’t want to mix up the brushes and your pen. It’s recommended that you have multiple pockets where you can store different items. You can have one pocket around the chest area and have two pockets below.

For paint brushes, pens and other small items, narrow pockets are ideal so the things will be held in place. Even when you move around or you’re in a very creative position, your tools will always be there.

2. Don’t forget about the design

Artisans go beyond functionality. They are also especially conscious about the design. After all, their field of work demands high creativity and design-thinking.

Some artisans prefer the minimalist style. A plain-looking apron might already suffice for many professions. This has an advantage of having the focus on the artist itself. Artisans might just prefer a clean look.

On the other hand, some artisans prefer elaborate designs and styles (including the style of the pockets). This can better represent their creativity and personality. Also, they can choose customised aprons with their logo and name printed or embroidered.

3. What are your daily activities?

Spills are common in grilling and painting. That’s why in these professions, artisans often choose the waterproof ones. These aprons will remain clean after a long day of working.

Although waterproofing has little to do with pockets, they both have something to do with everyday functionality and maintenance. For example, perhaps you tend to place the BBQ thong in the pockets. If it’s dirty or has some liquids on it, your aprons will get some of it. But if your apron is waterproof, you won’t worry much about the stains.

Work aprons with pockets Australia

Design and functionality are the artisans’ priorities. That’s why they pay extra attention to the looks and actual use of the aprons they wear every day.

We can help you have an apron that matches your needs and taste. We have denim aprons and ones that are waterproof. Whether it’s clean or messy in your work, our aprons can help protect your clothing.

You can get started with our Denim aprons or you can even request for a personalised one.

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