Where to Buy Plain and Adjustable Aprons

Looking for plain and adjustable aprons? Perhaps you prioritise functionality above everything else. You’re searching for something that’s simple and yet provides the most function for your everyday work or hobby.

Here you’ll get to explore some of the options available. We’ll give you the most popular options and provide a few tips along the way. Let’s get started.

1. With adjustable neck buckle

Many aprons now have an adjustable metal neck buckle that allows you to achieve a snugger fit. This will make you feel more comfortable whether you’re baking, cooking, painting or landscaping. Many passionate artisans and hobbyists have already found comfort with this type of apron.

A snugger fit can actually help you feel lighter. There’s less weight dragging you down. Also, a snug fit will provide more protection to your upper clothing and body. There will be fewer areas exposed which would protect your body and clothing from dirt and spills.

2. Denim and stain-repellent coating

Denim is a popular material even in aprons because it’s durable and long lasting. Moreover, it represents ruggedness, which is why it’s the choice for many artisans who value function and durability.

Denim is said to be vulnerable to stains as with almost all other types of fabric. The good news is there are aprons that have a stain-repellent coating. You still experience the comfortable feel of denim while the outer surface has a special coating that resists spills and stains.

3. Cross-back aprons

These aprons could feel a lot more comfortable because instead of strapping around the back of the neck, straps go over the shoulder and across your back. As a result, there’s better weight distribution and you can achieve a better fit compared to aprons with adjustable buckles.

Some artisans also prefer these cross-back aprons over adjustable neck buckles. There are people who just don’t prefer something touching around their neck. Moreover, neck straps can accumulate dirt as they have direct contact with the skin (might cause allergies if unsanitary).

Plain and adjustable aprons

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