The 5 Chefs Who Need Waterproof Aprons

Date Posted:24 February 2017 

Chefs have dozens of choices when it comes to their gear. From which knives to use to which ingredients to incorporate into their meals, the options are endless. What about aprons?

Today, aprons range from denim to traditional cross-back varieties to waterproof options, and everything in-between, and finding the right option for a particular kitchen is critical. This is especially true when it comes to waterproof aprons. When chefs that need them go without these critical cover-ups, things can quickly get messy.

Who Needs a Waterproof Apron?

From the occasional messy chef to the one who works with water-dense ingredients, these five professionals will benefit from wearing waterproof aprons in their kitchens:

1. The Seafood Chef

A chef that specialises in seafood can benefit from wearing a waterproof apron. This is especially true for anyone who serves fresh, live seafood in his or her kitchen. Because preparing and presenting seafood dishes typically requires close contact with water, it’s easy for traditional aprons to get drenched which creates an uncomfortable and unsafe cooking environment for the chef. Waterproof aprons can resist moisture and keep the chef’s clothing clean and dry all throughout a shift.

2. The Messy Chef

While messy chefs are few and far between, they do exist. Any chef that makes a large mess in the kitchen during a busy shift can benefit from a waterproof apron, since it will resist splashes and spills and keep the mess that goes home with the chef to a minimum.

3. The Chef Who Doubles as a Dishwasher

In small restaurants, chefs sometimes work as dishwashers, as well, stepping out of the kitchen at the end of a shift to clean up the mess. In these cases, a chef can benefit from having a waterproof apron on-hand. Ideal for resisting the splashes and moisture of the dish pit and keeping the chef dry enough to hop back and forth between stations, a waterproof apron is the ideal double-duty item.

4. Chefs who Need An Easy-to-Clean Apron

Denim and fabric aprons can be difficult to clean, and chefs who work with potentially hazardous materials, such as raw meat, may prefer something that’s easier to clean and sterilize during a shift. A waterproof apron fits the bill and will work as hard as the chef needs it to.

5. The Fry Cook Chef

Any kitchen that involves lots of hot, splashing oil can benefit from the inclusion of a waterproof apron. Ideal for resisting spotting and offering an easy-to-clean surface, waterproof aprons stand up to messy kitchen jobs while protecting clothing from grease stains and splatters.

The Case for Waterproof Aprons

While they might not be as glamorous as traditional, striped chef’s aprons, waterproof aprons are some of the hardest-working members of any functional kitchen, and chefs who wear them stay cleaner and more presentable throughout their shifts.

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