Summer Aprons

As the colder months fade into warmer days we lay aside the dark colours in our wardrobes for brighter hues. Hearty soups and bulky stews on menus are replaced with leafy salads and other light fare. Windows and doors are opened to welcome in the fresh air and heaters are turned off. With all the changes a restaurant adopts transitioning into spring and summer it’s ironic that one is often overlooked – the staff aprons.

Just as you put away your bulky coats for lighter jackets, having your staff adopt a lighter uniform can provide ease and comfort in the workplace. If your staff work in black uniforms, consider having them slip into white aprons once the months change. Both colours are considered professional and lend a sleek appeal in the workplace. Yet, white has a long-standing reputation for keeping the body cool, because of its light reflecting properties. If your staff’s aprons have a signature colour or pattern, consider ordering them in shorter versions for spring and summer. Waist aprons that hit at either mid-thigh or the knee are a cooler option when compared to bib or three-quarter aprons.

Also, pay attention to the material of the aprons for sale. PVC aprons are often worn by kitchen-hands. While the material is easy to clean with a damp cloth it also absorbs heat, which makes it an unfavourable option in summer. Cotton aprons might need to be laundered, but the fibres are breathable and will keep your staff cooler on their shift during summer.

Changing your staff’s uniforms when the seasons change is not only practical, but it can also be a subtle way to freshen up the image of your establishment. Not to mention that it’s a smaller commitment than painting the walls or changing the furniture. Yet, visually, it can be just as effective to breathe new life into your café or restaurant when the traffic peaks due to warmer weather. Dabble with berry/pink or light red aprons to signify romance and love. Yellow is a vibrant hue perfect for summer that is associated with joy and freshness. Or, have your staff wear blue aprons the colour of the ocean.

Use aprons as one way to prepare your staff for the warmer months and to convey a welcoming message to your customers. At the end of the day, you’ll notice that even subtle changes will enable your establishment to smoother and more effectively.

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