Melbourne’s & Sydney’s Top Hotel Uniforms

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. So, if you’re just starting out in the hotel business take a look at what the staff is wearing in a few places that you admire. Hotels with a five star rating are good places to begin. These establishments are known for their outstanding service, beautiful décor, and all-over excellence. Their staff uniforms keep in line with sleek and classic basics to craft a full elegant image.

At the Sheraton Park Hotel in Sydney, the staff uniform colours are as sleek and elegant as the décor. Behind the desk, the staff assists guests in grey and black suits. In the kitchen the chef’s crisp white shirts contrast elegantly with classic black aprons. These full-length chef aprons tie at the waist grazing the ankles of the chefs for a classic and elegant appearance.

Black is the colour for the staff at the Blue Sydney hotel. When a hotel is as well known for its architecture and décor as the Blue Sydney is, then simple black is a practical choice to avoid distractions from the key features. Worn head to toe, black bib aprons are paired over black shirts and pants by the waiters. In the hotel, a black apron is also worn, albeit a white shirt is substituted for a slight contrast.

Even though the Blackman hotel in Melbourne is known for its quirky art and modern design furnishings, the staff uniforms veer more on the conservative side. If enjoying one of their dinning options, you’ll be served by a waiting staff in crossover black bib aprons worn over crisp white shirts and black pants. The extra wide ties of these aprons cross over the shoulders at the back above another pair of ties at the waist for a classic look that is a step up from the single tie at the waist.

Melbourne’s Langham hotel maintains a reputation as one of the city’s most luxurious hotels. So, it’s no surprise that staff uniforms are given the utmost consideration. Chefs wear full-length white aprons that blend seamlessly with their white shirts. Servers don striped black/white aprons over black or grey shirts. All in all, the effect is crisp and as respectable as the establishment itself.

So, take a cue from a hotel that you admire when choosing your staff uniforms. Will your chefs wear black head to toe like those at the Blue Sydney or will white on white be your chefs’ colours? Of course the question is up to you, but having an example from a few admirable establishments is a good start.

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