Customising the Perfect Apron

Within 7 days, you can have a personalised apron delivered to your doorstep. Whether you desire to see your company’s logo imprinted on staff aprons or a friend’s name embroidered on a chef apron as a gift, customizing aprons isn’t based on how skilled you are with a needle and thread anymore. It’s simply a matter of a few clicks online, so you can relax and spend your time on the important matters - deciding what colours you want to see your friend’s name embroidered in!

In the restaurant setting, customised aprons are a clear-cut way to show your company’s style. So, revert your mind from viewing aprons simply as a cover-up from stains. When your waiter approaches customers, have them send a message in a crisp apron with a small-embroidered image of your restaurant’s logo. Or, choose an elegant font to have the restaurant’s name written across the front. You might be inclined to slip a business card next to the bill. Yet, consider this. The bill is viewed once. Customers will come in contact with waiters multiple times throughout their meal. So, make use of those moments to reiterate who you are.

Customized aprons are more commonly seen in the retail setting - sales associates in artisan cosmetic shops or chocolatiers. These companies certainly don’t slack on showcasing their logo through signs, packaging and shopping totes. Their staff aprons are no exception. It’s a homogenized vision used to craft who their company is. Max Brenner, a chocolate chain, is a fine example. In each and every one of their restaurants/ stores the chocolate theme is not only seen in their décor, but in their staff aprons as well, which are chocolate coloured and emblazed with the name and logo of the establishment.

Business aside, if you love to have fun in the kitchen why not have fun with your apron? A berry-coloured bib apron that you wear slipping cookies into the oven could have a little saying on it such as, “World’s Best Baker” in a cursive script. As a gift, an apron personalised with the giftee’s name is a step further in giving something that your friend will truly cherish. Look for a company that conveniently allows you to fiddle with the design (until you get it just right) from the comfort of your laptop. does that with 7 scripts for you to choose from or a range of embroideries. Once your design is chosen, they’ll email an image of the apron with your customised design. If you’re satisfied with your design, they’ll begin embroidering it and within 7 days, you’ll have your customised apron delivered to your door! Feeling inspired?

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