Classically Australian: Barbecue Aprons

For anyone who lives in a four-season climate, it’s practically a ritual to cook and eat outside as soon as a warm day hits. Yet, as you head over to your barbeque to cook a few tasty pieces of meat, you might want to consider what you’re going to wear. Aside from spills, having the scent of smoky ribs ingrained in your clothing for the rest of the day may not be your cup of tea. So, simply avoid it all with an apron. Remember, aprons aren’t reserved for chefs alone. The everyday man and woman can wear them too.

Try protecting your clothes from spills with a bib apron that comes to your knees. It’ll also absorb some of the smoke, so that your clothes don’t absorb the smell. Generally, this style has an adjustable neck closure for comfort and pockets in the front to store tools. Look for fabrics in cotton blends that are durable and have longevity. If you’re entertaining guests while cooking step away from basic black and opt for a striped or coloured bib apron for a dash of pizzazz.

For the fashion conscious, V-neck tuxedo aprons are a stylish option. These aprons are similar in style to the bib apron, except for the plunging v-neckline resembling a tuxedo. This cut evokes formality and sleekness. So, it could be ideal to wear on those occasions when it’s more than just your family or close friends casually gathering in your backyard.

If you’re not one to feel comfortable wearing a full-length apron, try wearing a waist apron. These obviously won’t cover your upper half, but they will protect your lower half. Look for an apron in a heavyweight cotton blend that can handle the demands of cooking outside and has pockets to allow your hands to be free. As an added bonus, a wrinkle resistant fabric will ensure that you maintain a presentable image throughout your barbecue.

An apron also makes a considerate gift for the friend who loves to barbecue during summer. Pick from either one of the styles above. Special order the apron embroidered with their name or a personal message. If you know what their favourite colour is, choose an orangebluepink, or yellow apron that you think would suit them best. Wrap the gift and give it to them to wear just in time for all the summer barbecues!

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