Aprons for Painters? Here’s How to Make the Right Choice

What are the best aprons for painters? Which specific features should you first look for? In general, you should choose a waterproof apron to protect yourself and your clothing from liquids and spills. In addition, it’s recommended to choose ones made from PVC.

Why PVC?

PVC (polyvinyl chloride) is a strong polymer and a popular choice for use in piping. One main reason is that it’s stable and can resist alkalis, acids and many inorganic chemicals. Remember that pipes facilitate delivery of water (which has chlorine for disinfection). The piping should remain chemically stable through the years.

Does it have anything to do with aprons? Yes. That’s because paints and other liquids are chemicals which can react with clothes and clothing accessories. You need strong protection against those chemicals.

Aprons with PVC surfaces can greatly help you with that. They can resist many chemicals even the oil-based ones. This will make it easier for you to focus more on your work instead of worrying about the spills.

Other advantages

Besides protection from spills, aprons made from quality PVC can also protect you from being scalded by hot water. Denim (and worse, cotton) aprons won’t protect you from hot water when you’re washing or doing other things.

The hot water can easily seep through denim and other fabric. In contrast, PVC won’t allow the hot water to pass through. You’ll stay protected even if you’re performing a risky task involving hot water.

PVC aprons are also known to be rugged and durable. They can handle the most demanding tasks while remaining functional through the years. This means you can use the apron for many years without the noticeable wear and tear. You’ll even feel comfortable wearing them because they’re designed with the workers’ comfort in mind.

Aprons for painters Sydney

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